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For company formation services in Dubai, speak to Time & Motion. Securing the licenses, visas and permits you need to Trade in UAE.

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If you're looking to set up a company in UAE, then you'll need the help and support of a company formation services agent in Dubai.

At Time & Motion, we offer advice and practical support to all kinds of entrepreneurs and business owners when it comes to company formation in Dubai.

Let us sort all of the administration involved in obtaining the company formation licenses, permits and visas required to live and work in the 'City of Gold'.

When it comes to setting up a business and relocating to Dubai, there's a lot to learn. Find out more about how Time & Motion can speed up the bureaucracy so that you can start working and living in the 'City of Gold' sooner.

  • From AED 8,500

    Free Zone Business Set Up

    There are over 44 Free Zones in the UAE. They all vary in location, types of business accommodated and paperwork required for trading. Activity restrictions also apply.

    • Zero Income Tax and Corporation Tax
    • Set up in 2 days
    • Mainland Sponsorship
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Fully Equipped Offices in Dubai
    • 1 to 3-year Freezone Trade License
    • Document Screening and Submission
    • Complete Ownership of Your Business
    • English and Arabic Company Name Reservation
    • Includes General Trading and Ecommerce License
    • Smart Office and Fully Equipped Offices in Dubai and Free Zone
  • From AED 16,000

    Sponsored Mainland Business Set Up

    Mainland companies have the least restrictions and can have unlimited employee visas, conduct more business activities and take on government contracts.

    • Zero Income Tax and Corporation Tax
    • Trade License
    • Mainland Sponsorship
    • Fast Registration Process
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Fully Equipped Offices in Dubai
    • Unlimited Employee Residence Visas
    • Document Screening and Submission
    • Complete Ownership of Your Business
    • English and Arabic Company Name Reservation

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Are you ready to set up a business in Dubai? Do you need an agent to help secure visas and permits for living and working in the UAE?

Speak to Time & Motion - the most trusted business set up consultants in Dubai. We'll turn your aspirations for a new life into reality.

Common requests that we deal with:

  • Free Zone trade license
  • Mainland trade license
  • LLC company formation license
  • Family members residence permit
  • Standard work permit
  • Residence visa
  • Golden visa
  • Green residence permit

Company formation advice for business owners looking to move to Dubai

Dubai is a highly attractive location for entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish their businesses. However, the process of company formation in Dubai can be complex and challenging for those unfamiliar with the local laws and regulations.

Dubai's company formation legal structure

The first step in the company formation process is to choose the appropriate legal structure. Dubai offers several options such as limited liability companies (LLCs), sole proprietorships, and partnerships. Each legal structure has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to consult with local experts to determine the best option for your business.

Company formation registration

Once the legal structure has been determined, entrepreneurs need to register their company with the relevant authorities. This process can vary depending on the legal structure chosen and the business activities that will be carried out. Generally, registering a company involves obtaining the necessary licenses and permits and complying with local taxation and employment laws.

Company location in Dubai Free Zone or Mainland

Another factor to consider is the location of the business. Dubai has several free zones that offer numerous benefits to companies, such as 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and simplified company registration. Choosing the right free zone for your business can have a significant impact on its success and growth potential.

Building a network

After completing the company formation process, it is important to establish a strong network of contacts and partners. This can include partnering with local suppliers and vendors, joining industry associations, and participating in local events and conferences. A strong network can help businesses to navigate the local business environment and establish themselves as successful and reputable players in the market.

Choosing the right company formation representation in Dubai

In conclusion, company formation in Dubai requires careful planning and execution. Entrepreneurs and investors need to choose the appropriate legal structure, register with the relevant authorities, select the right business location, and establish a strong network of contacts and partners. With the right approach, however, companies can successfully establish themselves in Dubai and take advantage of the many opportunities that the city has to offer.