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Time & Motion was set up because of the increasing demand from citizens of other countries to move to Dubai in recent years. However, some of our friends here in the 'City of Gold' have experienced bad customer service, long wait times and frustration whilst in the process of relocating.

Years later, we have become the go-to provider of the various services that individuals, families, groups and companies trust to handle the complicated matter of moving to the UAE. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, so our customer service, rapid delivery times, great prices and expert knowledge have improved more over time, which is why our customers always come back to us whenever they need help with any documents after settling in.


Customer service is at the heart of our business because our experts need to be able to explain the complex services we provide in an easily understood way. We understand that even visiting, let alone moving to, a country is a very big deal for most people, and deciding to move is one of the biggest decisions we can make in our lives. Our team prides itself on being your perfect point of contact and guide through your exciting adventure, rather than just selling you a one-size-fits-nobody solution through an online shop. We have assembled a professional team who love their job and go the extra mile to make sure you are happy every step of the way, from discussing your options to taking your first steps on the sun-drenched coastal pathways.

Rapid delivery times are guaranteed. We see time as the most valuable resource on the planet, and we promise never to waste yours. We will give you frequent updates as we work for you, so you have a transparent view of our efficient systems, and never have to change your plans last minute.

Great prices are guaranteed. We provide the best quality service, but that doesn't come with a huge price tag. We are not the cheapest provider out there, if you want that you have to sacrifice the quality and risk your dream on a potential scam. We have a track record of working with the UAE government to provide our services, have worked with high-profile clients around the world, and provide the best value for money you will find.

Expert knowledge gives us an edge. We know how to save time without cutting corners. We have long-term contacts in all relevant government agencies. Our expertise means that we don't just provide guidance to our customers, occasionally we are asked to advise other service providers on how to deal with difficult situations. When your dealing with complex services such as the ones we provide, knowledge is power, and we've been in the library since day one.

Great company and customer service!

Sanjay Bahuguna

Moved to Dubai from Australia

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