Business Setup In Dubai for UK Citizens

If you are located in the UK and are looking to relocate or set up a business in Dubai, then you'll need a local agent to represent you.

Licences, visas, bank accounts and more.

Every company requires the services of a Public Relations Official (PRO), when it comes to relocating and growing a successful business in Dubai.

PRO services cover any activities related to processing governmental documents and paperwork, including trade licences for any one of the specified Dubai freezones and the family, employee and residential visas that follow.

Experts in relocating UK businesses to Dubai Free Zones and Mainland

If you are a business owner in the UK that is looking for an agent to help you secure the licences, visas and bank accounts you need in order to live, trade and work in the UAE, then contact us today on +971 54 998 9498 /

Or for a super fast turnaround, enquire about one of our relocation packages below.

  • From £1,900

    Free Zone Business Set Up, Dubai

    There are over 44 Free Zones in the UAE. They all vary in location, types of business accommodated and paperwork required for trading. Activity restrictions also apply when you set up a business in Dubai Free Zones. Let us guide you all the way!

    • Zero Income Tax and Corporation Tax
    • Set up in 2 days
    • Mainland Sponsorship
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Fully Equipped Offices in Dubai
    • 1 to 3-year Freezone Trade License
    • Document Screening and Submission
    • Complete Ownership of Your Business
    • English and Arabic Company Name Reservation
    • Includes General Trading and Ecommerce License
    • Smart Office and Fully Equipped Offices in Dubai and Free Zone
  • From £3,500

    Sponsored Mainland Business Set Up, Dubai

    Mainland companies have the least restrictions and can have unlimited employee visas, conduct more business activities and take on government contracts.

    • Zero Income Tax and Corporation Tax
    • Trade License
    • Mainland Sponsorship
    • Fast Registration Process
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Fully Equipped Offices in Dubai
    • Unlimited Employee Residence Visas
    • Document Screening and Submission
    • Complete Ownership of Your Business
    • English and Arabic Company Name Reservation
  • Visa Services

    • New Visa Application
    • Visa Renewal
    • Visa Cancellation
    • Dependent's Visa
    • Designation Amendments
    • Change Labor Card Services
    • Labor Contract Change
  • License Services

    • Trade License Renewal
    • Trade License Amendments
    • License Liquidation
    • Regulatory Body License Renewals
    • Municipality Approval and Licenses
    • Other License Support, if required
  • Regulatory Support

    • Company Immigration Card Renewal
    • Regulatory Support and Liaison Services
    • Labor Support and Liaison Services
    • Immigration Support and Liaison Services
  • Administration Interface

    • Managing Scope
    • Communicating Effectively
    • Stay in the Know
    • File Management & Expiry Tracking
    • Real Time Notifications
  • Portal Management

    • Freezone Portal
    • GDRFA
    • Regulatory Licensing Portals
    • Labor Quota Applications & Modifications
    • CICPA Management
  • Documents Clearance

    • POA & Notary
    • Medical & Emirates ID
    • Attestation Services
    • Global Visa Assistance
    • Legal Translation Services
    • PO Box Renewal

How to reach us

Are you ready to set up a business in Dubai? Do you need an agent to help secure visas and permits for living and working in the UAE?

Speak to Time & Motion - the most trusted business set up consultants in Dubai. We'll turn your aspirations for a new life into reality.

Common requests that we deal with:

  • Free Zone trade license
  • Mainland trade license
  • LLC company formation license
  • Family members residence permit
  • Standard work permit
  • Residence visa
  • Golden visa
  • Green residence permit

Dubai is an attractive destination for UK entrepreneurs. Our guide tells you everything there is to know about the process of setting up a business in Dubai.

Time & Motion's service keeps getting better and better! Exactly what we needed.

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Dubai Freezones Have Been Running For Over 20 Years

Check out this video, celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of Dubai's oldest free zones. In it, you can see a glimpse of the past, present and future of one of the 40 freezones available.

FAQs About Dubai Freezone Business Setup

Find out answers by tapping a question. If you have a different question, get in touch and our friendly experts will be happy to help.

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What's the Appeal of Dubai Freezone Company Formation?

Setting up a business in Dubai freezones means you can trade tax-free with minimal restrictions in the "city of the future". Your business will be able to produce, assemble, import and export goods without paying most of the charges incurred elsewhere. Free zones are near airports, seaports, borders, or in trade districts. This maximises the advantages of business setup in a Dubai freezone.

Because Dubai is one of the world's most modern cities, the facilities for businesses set up in Dubai freezones are state-of-the-art. The entire city is built for what comes next, and when your company is in a Dubai freezone, you will be too.

We have amazing innovations like police robots and jet packs for firefighters already. Among many exciting projects, our Hyperloop opens in 2030, so your business will be immersed in innovation. Dubai freezones are where businesses are free to dream big and build the world of tomorrow.

Of course, you may want to continue living in your current country. You can still take advantage of the financial incentives of setting up a company in Dubai Free Zones. We can set this up for you, so long as you'll have a visa-approved general manager living in Dubai.

The right freezone or Free Trade Zone (FTZ) for you will depend on the requirements of your business. There are 40 Freezones in Dubai, and more are planned to cater for demand. Our service helps local and international customers get set up in the right zone. Freezones vary in location, type of business supported, costs, paperwork needed and more. Our teams of experts setup businesses in the best freezone in Dubai based on their needs. We take care of all the complex legal work that legitimises your business.

Time & Motion has provided Dubai freezone company setup services for over 10 years. Contact us to start your journey to a tax-free, duty-free life.