The challenges of setting up a company in Dubai & how to overcome them

Dani Pisciottano

Dani Pisciottano

Dealing with the paperwork, costs and intricate rules of each free zone is not for the faint of heart, but there is one simple way of overcoming these challenges. We are talking about Public Relations Officers, also known as PRO, who can help you navigate the confusing process of setting up a business in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates have become one of the top business hubs for international expansion over the past years. Being tax-friendly, with straightforward legislation, the country presents an array of business opportunities. But, before you can incorporate and start making business in the United Arab Emirates, you will need to go through a bureaucratic process that can take from weeks to months.

That’s where a PRO comes in, taking over the legal and bureaucratic aspects to guarantee a smoother, faster process.

It’s also crucial, when starting a business in the United Arab Emirates, that you adhere to local laws and regulations. Payroll management and taxation must follow UAE laws, and all foreign companies must adhere to the Wage Protection System (WPS), along with the end of service gratuity payments and benefits.

How can a Time & Motion PRO help you overcome the challenges of setting up a business in the UAE?

A corporate PRO specialist can help you with all of the visas, licences and regulatory support that your business will need to stay compliant. At Time & Motion, we offer a team of professionals, who are completely up-to-date with changing laws, rules and regulations to provide you with the best PRO services on the market.

When setting up a business in Dubai, relying on a PRO will have a number of great benefits, the main ones being:

- Support navigating the bureaucratic processes. Your PRO will handle the bureaucratic process from start to finish, allowing you to focus on the crucial initial stages of getting your life off the ground in the UAE.

- Avoid penalties and fees. Outsourcing PRO services will help with the timely management of deadlines, avoiding late fees and ultimately reducing the costs of processing and clearing.

- Stay in the loop. Though the PRO will be handling the day-to-day tasks of setting up a business in Dubai, you will always know exactly what you are paying for, thanks to our online portal for status updates.

- Have access to bespoke support. With a dedicated account manager, we can support you every step of the way, from delivering documents to the local authorities to making sure you avoid any late submission penalties.

Every company looking to relocate or set up a business in the UAE will require the services of a PRO. These specialists can make the process run seamlessly from start to finish, giving you the peace of mind you need to know that your paperwork is being successfully handled.

At Time & Motion, we pride ourselves on always being up to date with the ever-changing process and information on setting up a business or working in the UAE, making the process a whole lot smoother for you.